Choosing Facial Feminization

Whatever stage or interest of your gender transition, deciding to pursue Facial Feminization Surgery will provide you feminizing results unattainable with hormones alone. Indeed, Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) will help transform the face and body, but nonetheless, it is limited on the overall affect to seamlessly blend-in as female.

With males, cranial particularities become pronounced during puberty. This includes a more pronounced forehead, higher hairline and larger nose. With FFS, I could perfect these characteristics to further compliment your transition objectives.

For a large majority of my patients, undergoing FFS has drastically increased their self-esteem as well as boosted their confidence. I have been able to perfect a variety of FFS procedures throughout my surgical career that I am happy to discuss with you at your consultation. You will quickly see that my team and I hold the highest standard of quality and care for our patients.

Please click on the procedures listed below for a more in-depth explanation of FFS options and to further prepare for your consultation.

FFS Surgeries

Bichat Fat Pad Resection

With age, the fatty area located directly under the check bones will begin to decrease…

Chin Reduction or Augmentation

The chin is an excellent indication of gender—with women the chin is oval, soft and small…

Mandibular Angle Resection

For patients that have a more square jaw, a mandibular angle resection of is an extremely…

Nose Reshaping – Rhinoplasty

Also known as Nasal Feminisation Surgery, rhinoplasty originates from the Greek word ‘rhino’…

Blepharoplasty – Eyelids

Age, smoking, environmental conditions, stress. Each of these factors will have an effect…

Cheek Bone Implants

No matter what the gender, reducing or enhancing the cheeks with implants could produce…

Lip Augmentation

One common female trait is to have full, plump lips. In contrast to men, women generally have…

Frontal Bossing Plasty

During puberty, the male skull develops a more rounded prominence above the brow line…

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