Cheek Bone Implants

No matter what the gender, reducing or enhancing the cheeks with implants could produce extremely attractive results for an individual’s overall profile. There are several sizes and materials to achieve these alterations. However the objective is to create a shape that will enhance the face, not distort it or make it look over the top.

If Dr. Bensimon recommends augmenting or decreasing the cheeks, it will ultimately add to the overall balance of the face and more importantly, look completely natural.

For most male to female trans patients, a surgical cheek bone alteration usually means augmenting the area. If the cheek fat has dropped with age, and a patient is undergoing another procedure such as a facelift, blepharoplasty or frontal bossing, this could enhance their overall surgical outcome. By creating more fullness in this area, it will not only correct the contour of the face, but also provide a lift for a more feminine and youthul appearance.

 The small incision to insert the implants is performed inside the mouth, so there is no visible scarring. When healing is complete, the implant will feel exactly like bone.

Post surgery, patients may experience mild swelling or bruising, and some may feel a numbness of the upper lip. This will subside after a few weeks.

A temporary augmentation can also be achieved without surgery and the effect will last between 12 to 18 months. Fillers specifically designed for cheek augmentation can be injected at the office and can be repeated as required.

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