The costs of the procedures will include applicable taxes, clinic fees, surgeon fees, implants and anesthesia if necessary. Approximate price can be given by calling the office.

Surgeries and other treatments can be paid cash, certified check or Interac. Major credit cards are also accepted.

Financing is possible through independent financing companies. They usually offer rapid financing but their interest rates are high. You might want to check with your bank first. And compare different rates and options before committing with this type of financing.

FFS Surgeries

Bichat Fat Pad Resection

With age, the fatty area located directly under the check bones will begin to decrease…

Chin Reduction or Augmentation

The chin is an excellent indication of gender—with women the chin is oval, soft and small…

Mandibular Angle Resection

For patients that have a more square jaw, a mandibular angle resection of is an extremely…

Nose Reshaping – Rhinoplasty

Also known as Nasal Feminisation Surgery, rhinoplasty originates from the Greek word ‘rhino’…

Blepharoplasty – Eyelids

Age, smoking, environmental conditions, stress. Each of these factors will have an effect…

Cheek Bone Implants

No matter what the gender, reducing or enhancing the cheeks with implants could produce…

Lip Augmentation

One common female trait is to have full, plump lips. In contrast to men, women generally have…

Frontal Bossing Plasty

During puberty, the male skull develops a more rounded prominence above the brow line…

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Info COVID 19

Dear patients

We are pleased to announce that FFS surgeries will resume in July. We will be using safety measures for all aerosols generating procedures.

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