Chin Reduction or Augmentation

The chin is an excellent indication of gender—with women the chin is oval, soft and small. With men, the chin is more chiselled, vertically longer and wider in length. Dr. Bensimon could improve both the profile and front angle of the chin, as it could be modified in any direction.

Pairing this procedure with frontal bossing and rhinoplasty will achieve excellent results in feminizing male characteristics. Prior to surgery, Dr. Bensimon suggests having an X-Ray done called a panorex radiograph as it provides a wide angle lens view of the lower and upper jaw. An orthodontist or dentist would order the same type of X-Ray.

The panorex provides a snapshot of the amount of bone that is required to be removed, and is an excellent roadmap for pre-surgical preparation. Nevertheless, the final decision is made during the operation, when Dr. Bensimon will have a more accurate view of the interior structure.

There are two options to achieve a more feminized chin refinement: burring the bone or setting it back. Dr. Bensimon’s evaluation in addition to a patient’s X-Ray will determine which of the two options will yield the best possible result.

Whether the chin will be advanced or setback, Dr. Bensimon insures that infections or bodily rejections will be drastically reduced with the organic hinges that are applied to fuse the bones together.

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