Frontal Bossing Plasty

During puberty, the male skull develops a more rounded prominence above the brow line. This extends from the mid-forehead to the outward of the eye sockets, and gives that sharp defined feature that so strongly characterizes the male face. FFS specialists label this area as ‘frontal bossing’.

Women, on the other hand, have a convex appearance. Their foreheads appear smoother and flatter with less projection. HRT doesn’t affect the cranial shape, and consequently, a surgical option is the most viable solution to fine tune the angle, proportions and size in order to be aligned with the female form.

The procedure involves an ear to ear incision from that could be performed in two areas: in front of the hairline or in the hair bearing area of the head. During the consultation, Dr. Bensimon could suggest which option is best for a patient’s head unique size and form. This the most requested and efficient procedure and the results are definitive and impressive. This surgery is often combined with a browlift, full orbital ridge smoothing, orbital recontouring and hairline advancement.

After care is surprising easy since there is minimal swelling. The experience is easy, with very little pain-free and fast. If you are in the Montreal area, Dr. Bensimon will remove the staples at his office 8 days later. We recommends sleeping with the head upright to relief pressure and decrease swelling.

We perform type 1,2 and 3 forehead contouring. A Ct scan is necessary to plan the right surgery for you.

Depending on the thickness of the cranial bone, Dr. Bensimon can rasp or smooth out the bone with a recontouring material. In most instance he needs to set the bone further back commonly called a type 3 forehead. Dr Bensimon uses a unique technic that allows for long term results and contour preservation using the most modern material.

These methods are extremely efficient in achieving a smooth forehead, and each surgical tactic is tailored to a patient’s unique size, shape and form.

A short video of our type 2 and type 3 exclusive technic can be watched on our Youtube chanel (graphic warning)

We also published a scientific paper on our technic in the prestigious Aesthetic Surgery Journal 


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