Scalp and Hairline Lowering

During puberty, a male’s hairline will begin to decrease. By their mid to late 20s, some men will experience mild to excessive baldness. In both cases, only a surgical option could correct this discrepancy between the genders.

Indeed, hair follicle transplantation is an option. Costly yet effective in small patches, it may not provide a complete solution to create the appearance of a full head of hair. With some patients, it is possible to lower the hairline by advancing the hair bearing area toward the forehead. Depending on scalp mobility, a 1 to 4 centimetres hairline lowering could be achieved per procedure.

Scalp and hairline lowering is best discussed during the FFS consultation when Dr. Bensimon could perform a more accurate assessment of the area. This surgery is often combined with frontal bossing plasty and brow lift.

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